How can Rebecca help me?

“What I once deemed to be a huge issue that would take years of therapy to address, was actually addressed in two RIM sessions.”  ~Amanda M, yoga teacher and former family therapist.

Rebecca MacLean

What if you could shed your doubt and feelings of unworthiness in an afternoon? People are whole beings with extraordinary capabilities to emotionally heal. Just like our bodies are designed to heal, our emotional minds are healing by nature. When we get a cut in our skin, we may clean it and put a band-aid on it, but the healing happens naturally by the body, and so it is for our inner mental and emotional space. When we give our emotional selves a nurturing environment, we heal naturally and quite quickly.


The healing technique I use primarily is called Regenerating Images in Memory (R.I.M.) developed by Dr. Deborah Sandella, Founder of the RIM Institute. It is a powerful mind/body technique that helps to swiftly identify and remove emotional blocks, as well as self-sabotaging beliefs that hold us back from experiencing a healthy, happy, vibrant life. RIM® can offer quick and effective solutions to many ongoing issues and fear based thinking.

“RIM reduces my clients’ therapy by months if not years. It’s the most efficient and effective modality I’ve ever come across.” ~ Stephanie, Therapist and Master RIM facilitator.


“This technique uncovers your extraordinary hidden resources to lift your spirit, heal your mind and body, and inspire effortless action, and works on mental, emotional, and physical issues that inhibit you from living a healthy, happy and successful life. It is highly recommended for people who feel they are doing everything they can to fulfill their dreams of health, wealth and happiness, yet obstacles continue to show up to block their path.” ~ Dr. Deb Sandella


“RIM work produces such immediate and extraordinary emotional and physical results, it may at first appear unbelievable, but I have witnessed it in action in my own life and the lives of hundreds of my students and trainees and can testify to its profound impact.”  

~ Jack Canfield, NY Times bestselling author, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series and The Success Principles, internationally renowned trainer & speaker.

What can RIM help resolve?

  • Addiction
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Insomnia
  • Regrets
  • Self-Worth Issues
  • Shame
  • Stress & Overwhelm
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Weight Management

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“I have been able to heal old wounds and move forward with my life and professional endeavors with a heavy burden lifted from my shoulders.” ~Lori W.

“The greatest damage done by neglect, trauma or emotional loss is not the immediate pain they inflict but the long-term distortions they induce in the way a developing child will continue to interpret the world and her situation in it. All too often these ill-conditioned implicit beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives. We create meanings from our unconscious interpretation of early events, and then we forge our present experiences from the meaning we’ve created. Unwittingly, we write the story of our future from narratives based on the past.” ― Dr. Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

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