Our personal stories drive us. They not only document events, but how we feel, and how we interpret the world around us.

Our subconscious stories are the single greatest influence on our decisions, reactions and interactions. They are the undercurrent of our lives.

I’ll help you tap into the subconscious stories that you are telling yourself, determine if they are helpful, and if they aren’t, change them.

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Customized and in-depth coaching to fast track your best life.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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About Rebecca

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Use these resources to support your growth and rewrite your self-talk

When you tap into your natural 

Emotional Operating System,

you easily discover the blocks

that are unique to you

and quickly resolve them.



Have you been dissatisfied for so long and so intently

that you are tempted to believe

“that’s just how it is for me”?

You can be happy, really happy, now.

I’ll help you rid yourself of those blocks so completely

that you will feel as if they were never there.

You will effortlessly thrive.


Access co-creative meditations recorded for your enjoyment and personal work.

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In 2016, I was arguably successful with a family, good job, and an invention on the market. Yet there was an undercurrent of dissatisfaction, I was unsettled, and I found myself getting annoyed nearly every day at something.

Then I found Personal Growth, and within days I felt great! I continued to do all the same things, there were no major changes to my life, and yet now, having experienced this specific focused type of self-reflection, life felt markedly better.

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You are whole and unbroken with extraordinary capabilities to emotionally heal.

Just like our bodies are designed to heal, our emotional minds are healing by nature.