I help people break through lifelong blocks, those things that stick around for so long and so intently that we are tempted to believe “that’s just how it is for me.”  I’m here to tell you, show you, and help you rid yourself of those blocks so completely that you will feel as if they were never there, allowing you to effortlessly thrive.

You’ve tried powering through, staying positive, working hard, getting motivated and all the other strategies. You feel a difference for a while maybe, then that familiar exhaustion pushes against the persistent obstruction. How can you move past whatever is holding you back? Maybe you don’t even know what it is exactly.

Move past new or lifelong struggles by tapping into your natural Emotional Operating System, easily discovering the blocks that are unique to you, and quickly resolving them completely and permanently.

Your body and mind already have this skill, and Regenerating Images in Memory, a transformational therapeutic technique, taps into this ability, releasing and resolving emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and inner conflict that will quickly empower you to live your best life. Feel the health and prosperity in your mind, body, and spirit so the thriving and inspired you is free to embrace all life has to offer.

Individual Coaching

Customized and in-depth coaching to fast track creating your best life.


Meditations & Basic RIM

Center yourself and

resolve blocks.


4 full days of learning 15 tools to resolve old trauma, break through limiting beliefs, and empower you and your clients.


Hear what past clients have to say about Rebecca and her coaching.

About Rebecca

How she got started, training, and background for this Master Facilitator.


Use these resources to support your growth and rewrite your self-talk

Is your true happiness just out of reach?

Reaching it is as simple as BE, DO, HAVE

You are whole and unbroken with extraordinary capabilities to emotionally heal.

Just like our bodies are designed to heal, our emotional minds are healing by nature.