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Though a personal session would be interactive, this open demo session gives you an idea of what RIM could be like for you.

The body stores emotion, you intuitively know that. If I ask you where you store stress, you could tell me immediately where it is for you, head, neck, shoulders, stomach… exactly where is unique to you.  When we experience an emotional event we are ill-equipped to handle at the time, we store that memory, unprocessed, in our body. Over time, these unprocessed memories can manifest as aches and pains in the body that doctors can’t explain such as IBS, migraines, back pain, etc. as well as depression and anxiety.

“During my sessions with Rebecca, she helped me transform the painful truths I have always believed to be set in stone into an internal dialogue where I have the power to chose the best way forward.  She empowers you to have that conversation with yourself and helps you realize the answers are truly within you.  If you are considering having a session with Rebecca, I would strongly recommend you do so, it has been life changing.” 


How does it work?

Think of your Emotional Operating System as a GPS road map, showing red roadways where there are accidents and slowdowns.  Unprocessed memories are the accidents and incidents. When we plug in coordinates for a new destination, our Subconscious Emotional Operating System takes these slowdowns into account and routes us around them, sometimes very far around them, or blocks our path entirely. We get frustrated unable to get where we planned to go, to have what we want, and to achieve our dreams. We end up feeling like a failure and struggle with our willpower to “step up”. This happens because the Emotional Operating System, doing it’s job by keeping us away from things that it deems to be harmful, is much more powerful than our will power. It is designed to keep us safe, and it does a great job. Trouble is, sometimes it is protecting us from things we no longer need protection from. What have you been denied by waiting for these issues to resolve? How long have you waited? Do you fear “that’s just the way I am”?

Regenerating Images in Memory is a technique that helps you update your GPS in a matter of hours, not months or years. With a huge amount of mental and emotional safety, you resolve the cause of the blockage and allow that roadway to be open again, creating easy and quick access to those things you desire.

Wow! I mean… wow. Rebecca conducted a breakthrough session with me and I am forever changed. It has been quite the week since my call with Rebecca and I can honestly say I have never felt more at peace with my life decisions. LIFE CHANGING! Seriously so incredible. Rebecca has opened up possibility that I knew existed, but she brought it to fruition. Words do not do justice for what you have done for me, Rebecca.

~ Michael Arnold


Sessions are entirely client led, which means there is no way to do it wrong. The sessions are designed around you, customized and personal. 

Your sessions will organically unfold, meet you where you are, and guide your journey based on your specific desires and needs. You control the pace and content. 

All sessions are completely private because you can do them from your own home via easy-to-use video conferencing or phone. When the session is over, relax and decompress in your own space as long as you wish. 

It feels so comfortable doing this work in my home. It helps me to relax and really get to the deep stuff. If I’m emotional, I don’t have to worry about who will see me leaving my appointment, I’m already home!


I so appreciate the convenience of having sessions without leaving home. For me, when I’m done I just want to rest. After a massage I wish I could just lay there a while, but I have to get up and drive home. With this I don’t have to, and my new perspectives are already integrated with me here at my house.

~ Jane


How long does it take?  Individual sessions are scheduled for 2-hours to allow you as much time as is needed to resolve one or more blocks. Each session is independent and complete, at least one block is resolved after each session and you are left feeling complete.

Unlike traditional talk therapies, RIM doesn’t require countless sessions. Many of our clients have reported achieving more results in a single RIM session than they received in years of talk therapy costing thousands of dollars.

How do I schedule a session?  Sessions are held via video conferencing. Anyone regardless of location can experience an individual and private session. Contact me and we will schedule a session, typically within a week, so you can start changing your life immediately.

What will it cost? Individual sessions are $300/session, $750 for a package of 3 sessions, $1400 for a package of 6 sessions

“I have been in individual therapy for years and have always considered myself a skilled, introspective thinker who can rationalize problems well. Yet even after all the work I was already doing, I felt there was something missing… If you are considering having a session with Rebecca, I would strongly recommend you do so, it has been life changing.”

~Rachel G

I like to think of people as a river, the water is the constant emotions that run through their bodies, the emotions are ever changing and moving, which is how they are intended to be. There are no good or bad emotions, just all together, the water is moving. And like a river after a storm, when we experience a traumatic event, sometimes there is debris in the river, and sometimes that debris gets stuck.  It doesn’t mean the river is broken, a river isn’t broken because it has debris, but is isn’t flowing as freely. It needs to be cleared. That’s where RIM comes in.

In RIM, we enter an Alpha brain wave pattern.  This is the same pattern we experience when we are zoned out, engrossed in a television show, day dreaming, incredibly focused, or meditating. It is a common stage of brain activity that we enter many times a day.  It is known by many names, trance, learning state, meditative state, hypnotic state, etc. Being in an Alpha state allows us to turn down the volume of the left brain and hone in on the right, emotional mind and listen to how our bodies are communicating with us. RIM allows us to see the debris under the surface, not just the change in water pattern.

Our emotional minds communicate with us in many ways, dreaming being one.  You know from experience that dreams are not by nature logical or concrete, they communicate in images and are nonlinear. Our emotional right brain and body don’t speak the same language as our left, logical brain. RIM allows the body and emotional mind to speak in their native language of pictures and emotion. It allows us to get to the root of the problem quickly, because the body and emotional mind know precisely what is out of sorts.

RIM is Body Centered and Client Driven, the facilitator is simply asking questions helping the client to create sharper images and help to clear the emotional debris. It is the client’s sub conscious/ emotional mind that determines what is ready to be cleared, and neither the facilitator nor the client is often aware of the emotional debris that is ready to be dissolved prior to the session. RIM is not considered a therapy, which indicates the therapist is driving the session, RIM is a process, and this process is one that the client can ultimately learn to do on their own, empowering the client instead of looking to experts for answers.

We have the answers within us, RIM helps us find them.

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Full session example

Full Session example

Full Session Example with Natalie