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Thank you for visiting, I’m so excited you have begun your journey toward emotional healing and personal growth.

I am a wife and mother of 3 grown children, and the 4 of them are my very favorite people to hang out with. We enjoy being outside together, traveling, playing board and card games, and anything with laughter.

My own journey of self-growth began several years ago when I had, what I now call “it’s okay” syndrome.

My life was good, great by many standards, including a wonderful husband and three teenagers who didn’t get into trouble or have big problems. I had a lovely house and a job that was okay, I didn’t love it, but I liked the people. I had been a sign language interpreter, a teacher, worked in real estate and had an invention that was in thousands of stores. Having run several profitable businesses, I was arguably successful. Yet there was an undercurrent of dissatisfaction. I was unsettled and I found myself getting annoyed nearly every day at something.  Relationships with my extended family were strained, and I was starting to not even care. I had developed food allergies that were getting worse, and at 43 years old I was thinking that there were already things that were in the “too late” category.

Then I discovered personal growth work by pure happenstance, which I now know is a true sign of the divine at work. I was intrigued by the healing modality described, and I almost immediately started training. Two days in I was in love, I learned more about myself in four days of initial training than in years of personal reflection and “figuring it out.” More than that, I felt better. It was like the air warmed up around me and the sun came out. My perspective changed. I continued to do all the same things in my life, there were no major changes and yet now it seemed just better.

I continued the training through Certification, Masters, and became a Trainer. Every step brought me more and more peace. I still live in a great house in Colorado with a wonderful husband and grown kids who don’t get into trouble. My invention, the True Easy Syringe, is doing great. Now I LOVE my work so much I can’t wait to get to it, relationships with my extended family have improved tremendously so that now we go on vacations together, my allergies have vanished and I feel younger and more energetic. I dance and laugh every day and feel a zest and zeal for life that I didn’t know was possible. I even took up indoor skydiving!

I’m humbled by the healing that each of my clients and students allows me to witness. It’s such an honor to be able to show others how to love life this much.  Seeing people discover their own power and gifts is the highlight of my day.

I have been personally trained by Dr. Sandella herself since 2016, receiving the level of Master RIM Facilitator and Trainer. It has been my honor and privilege to mentor many other facilitators through their RIM Training. I have worked with Jack Canfield at his multi-day events coaching participants through emotional blocks so they can receive the most from the event.

After seeing hundreds of clients and witnessing the extreme and swift processing of memories, relief from physical and emotional ailments such as IBS, anxiety, and depression, and immediate feelings of freedom and ease, I have dedicated myself to teaching people how to heal in this profound way.

My family having fun, as always.

A note about the pictures on this site.

Many of the pictures on this site are from the travels I have been privileged to take around the world. From Alaska to New Zealand, Botswana to Tokyo, though not shown here, the most powerful part of the travel is to see the light that is in the people.

Several other photos are the work of my good friend and photographer Colin Shreffler. Please consider giving his site a look.