Starter Package: 3 sessions

Three 2-hour sessions scheduled at your convenience. Take the deep dive into your personal growth with these powerful sessions! Whether you have a deep issue that requires more attention, you want to empower yourself with clarity that will drive you to success, or you want to ride the momentum, these sessions have been affectionately called “two years of therapy in 6 hours.”

Conducted over Zoom


Individual Personal Growth session

Up to 2 hours focused on clearing limiting beliefs, enhancing well being, and establishing a path to your goals and dreams. A single session can adjust your life’s trajectory.


Large Session Package – 10 sessions

Hands-on, in-depth, and personalized to you. Connect to your inner wisdom, vet out your most stubborn habits and beliefs, set yourself on the path to ultimate success and discover consistent happiness.

Can be used for individual sessions, sessions for coaching clients, mentoring for session facilitators, etc. Mentoring can be set up as group teaching, session feedback etc. Each session is up to 2 hours.