Join me on zoom at 8am mtn time for 30 minutes every day until 4/16/20. Each day will have a different focus. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone who may benefit.

Recordings will be placed here.

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Daily RIM Meditation Series

Recorded In March and April 2020

RIM Meditation 3/23 Resourcing

RIM Meditation 3/26 Connection

RIM Meditation 3/29 Care for Self and Others

RIM Meditation 4/1 Resilience & Resourcefulness

RIM Meditation 4/4 Control and Flow

RIM Meditation 4/7 Wholeness

RIM Meditation 4/10 Productivity

RIM Meditation 4/13 Perfection

Meditation 3/24 Immune System

RIM Meditation 3/27 Balance

RIM Meditation 3/30 Finding Your True Self

RIM Meditation 4/2 Managing your Energy

RIM Meditation 4/5 Letting Go and Embracing Change

RIM Meditation 4/8 Soothing

RIM Meditation 4/11 Your Tribe

RIM Meditation 4/14 Information

Rim Meditation 3/25 Having Fun

Rim Meditation 3/28 Abundance

Rim Meditation 3/31 Busyness and Stillness

Rim Meditation 4/3 Gratitude and Appreciation

Rim Meditation 4/6 What is your Superpower?

Rim Meditation 4/9 Financial Security

Rim Meditation 4/12 Pure Love

Rim Meditation 4/15 Worthiness

The Inner Critic

Sleep Meditation introduction

The Light Within Us

Sleep Meditation Full Version

Holiday Meditation

Sleep Meditation - Shortened