Are you a life coach, health and wellness coach, personal trainer, business or executive coach?  Are you a Reiki Healer, Chiropractor, or Acupuncturist? I can boost your business!
I work with coaches and healers like you to bring your clients the breakthroughs they need to finish your program with wild success. How many times have your clients run against blocks that even they don’t understand, throwing them off the course to success you helped them establish? Don’t let these blocks stop their progress. In one session, your client can move past that deep blockage and continue with the success you offer them.
obst.How much does it cost you to have a client give up because they can’t overcome an obstacle? I offer discounts to coaches and healers who choose to offer RIM sessions to clients as part of their program.


“I run a program that helps entrepreneurs build six-figure businesses around their passion and I have dozens of clients that come through that program. The work that  Rebecca does is absolutely paramount in terms of helping my clients overcome the limiting beliefs and roadblocks…And I can honestly say that without her work, the people that I work with wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things that they want and need to accomplish in life. In order to be a successful person, you have to release some of the brakes that are holding you back first, and Rebecca is one of the best in the world at doing that.”

~Zander Fryer, Founder of Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College

“As a yoga teacher and former family therapist, I am always open to new ways of healing. RIM was able to go right to my core issues and gave me the map to releasing them to write a new story. What I once deemed to be a huge issue that would take years of therapy to address, was actually addressed in two RIM sessions. I HIGHLY recommend this process to anyone ready to let some old stuff go and heal. Worth every penny!” ~ Amanda M.