Learn Regenerating Images in Memory!

If you are a coach, therapist, social worker, alternative healer, or helping professional, RIM is a tool you need in your toolbox. It is fast and effective at resolving the root of persistent issues, no matter if the client knows what that root issue is or not!

And best of all, this workshop teaches through experience, so not only will you learn the concepts, tools, and how to use them with your clients, you will experience the results for yourself.

You’re ready for big change. You’ve gone to conferences, read books, taken classes, joined online communities, and if the deep satisfaction is still not integrating into your life or you just want to up your game,

You’re in the right place! 

This 4-day immersion workshop will teach you how to integrate emotional mastery into your business, clients, and your everyday. Learn to be fully present, connect completely, and release old hurts and habits for good, for you and your clients.

Experience all this:

    • Four-Day Live Training Filled with 15 Deep Skills & Personal Growth ($2797 value)

    • 3 Months private RIM coaching ($1500 Value)

    • 3 Months of Self-Evolution Calls ($150 Value)

    • Lifetime monthly RIM facilitation Calls (Priceless)

    • One Personal RIM Session ($300 Value)

    • RIM Essentials Manual ($97 Value)

    • 36 ICF CCE Credits – 18.7 Core + 17.3 Resource

    • 27 NASW CE Credits (except WV, MI, ID, NJ, NY)

When and Where?

August 20-23, 2020 8am – 6pm

October 15-18, 2020 8am – 6pm

Register for RIM Essentials.

Early bird $2497 ends 30 days before class

Regular price $2797

Payment plans available.

Join us in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado!

45 minutes south of Denver.

Spread your wings and fly!

Interested in adding a little adventure to your personal and professional growth?

Experience the feeling of flight! Feel what it’s like to skydive, no plane required. Step into the wind and take flight.

Ask about adding indoor skydiving to your training!

$50 for two flights, $100 for five flights.

I have been a therapist for 26 years. I have learned more about myself in a 4 day training than I have in many years of personal talk therapy.  RIM is amazing!!

~ April, LPC

Learn how to integrate RIM into your coaching or therapy practice.

Learn how to Regenerate Images in Memory for yourself to resolve your own blocks and fears at any time.

Come spend 4 days with us in this beautiful home outside Denver, Colorado!

Want to stay with us? Two bedrooms are available to rent for 5 nights for a total of $420. No ubers, no arriving late, be right here in this comfy house with your own private room.